Lette Macarons is Open in Southlake Park Village!

I've been following Lette Macarons on Instagram for over a month. When I saw that a location was coming all the way from Beverly Hills to li'l ole Southlake (Texas), I was ecstatic. Finally I'd have a macaron spot that I could quickly and easily drive to! Dallas can be a real hassle sometimes. The new shop opened on Friday, but I didn't get a chance to visit and I'd actually stopped at a Dallas macaron spot with a friend that day. I decided to swing by after a very productive Sunday afternoon writing new blog posts to try a box of six macarons. Gotta treat yoself, right? 💁🏾


As I walked in, I was greeted with a sample of the chocolate macaron and I couldn't believe my tastebuds. The store manager, Marina, was super nice and told me a little more about Lette's beginnings as I chose the six macarons for my box. But back to these perfectly crafted macarons! I honestly feel like I've been missing out because I haven't had any macarons quite like these..and when I did a little bit of research as I was munching on my box at home, I found that this is how macarons are actually supposed to be. Anatomy of a Perfect Macaron from blogger, Indulge with Mimi explains and breaks it down perfectly.

Lette has a total of 14 flavors to choose from and plenty of macs to go around! I've looked at the menu several times in the last month, so I pretty much knew what I wanted to try.

These are the flavors I chose (bottom to top; left to right): Earl Grey Tea, Sweet Wedding Almond, Caribbean Chocolate, Sicilian Pistachio, Rose, Salted Caramel. 

The flavor that intrigued me the most was the Salted Caramel because the filling was real salted caramel. I didn't realize it until a little bit oozed as I was picking it up. I think I'll always love rose- and pistachio-flavored macarons. Caribbean Chocolate was super rich as it's made with dark chocolate. Sweet Wedding Almond got a FULL reaction from me -- it was DE-FREAKING-LICIOUS. Earl Grey Tea was new to me, but very pleasant.

The interior was fluffy, yet chewy and pleasant -- no air pockets, no crunchiness, none of what a macaron shouldn't be. I know they're a very new shop and I'll continue to see how they do over time, but the macarons were so fresh and consistent. At some shops, I tend to get some that seem fresh and others that are crunchy with air pockets and/or seem stale. I've learned that I've probably been spending A LOT of money on macarons that aren't exactly up to par. These, however, were beautifully made. See my photos I managed to take of the exterior and interior of the Earl Grey Tea and Sweet Wedding Almond macarons -- I practically devoured the rest.

I would absolutely recommend Lette! This is definitely going to be my new macaron spot from now on. Everyone should go show them some love and visit -- you will not be disappointed! Also, follow them on Instagram at @lette.southlake to stay updated on any promotions and special flavors.

Lette is located in Park Village at 1151 S. Southlake Blvd in Southlake, TX

There are also 5 locations in Southern California and online ordering is available nationwide.