LUNCH | Maple Bourbon Meatballs at Henry's Majestic

Thursday was super busy! I got a ton of blog stuff done and emails answered before heading into the city for a quick meeting and chocolate tasting at Sablon Chocolate Lounge. For the meeting, we decided to meet at Henry's Majestic which was perfect because I'd never been before. I wanted to go last month when I was working on my brunch story for, but they only have weekend brunch and I was on the hunt for a Friday spot.

When I arrived, at around 2:30, it was empty inside. The interior gave major Alfred Hitchcock vibes with fake crows and suspense/horror film-like decor everywhere. There were a few parties on the patio though -- including ours. Since I had to dash to the chocolate tasting in the middle of the meeting, I wanted something that would be quick to make and eat. The maple bourbon meatballs seemed like a great choice, so I ordered that and they were on the table in about 5-7 minutes.

The dish is great if you need something quick like I did or you're on a diet that encourages you to stay away from carbs. There were five meatballs on the dish marinated in a light maple bourbon sauce (not thick at all). I didn't feel full at all after eating them as it is just an appetizer, but it was nice to order for my short time at the meeting and get something in my tummy before the chocolate tasting.

Maple Bourbon Meatballs |  Akaushi beef topped with fennel slaw

Maple Bourbon Meatballs | Akaushi beef topped with fennel slaw

I definitely want to go back for brunch even though I've slowed down since my brunch-packed weekend last month, but I've heard the chicken + waffles and other dishes are promising. If you've been before, let me know in the comments!

Henry's Majestic is located at 4900 McKinney Ave. in Uptown Dallas