National Taco Day | Taco Diner in West Village

Today is National Taco Day, Taco Tuesday, and National Vodka Day. Seriously, I think today just might be the most epic taco day EVER. I decided to go to one of my favorite little taco restaurants in West Village called Taco Diner. It's the cutest spot that's perfect for happy hour with your girlfriends (the drinks are yummy), date nights, and casual people watching. 

I started with the Queso Blanco and chose to add the seasoned ground beef at no additional charge. This is one thing I love about Taco Diner because other places definitely charge to add meat to the queso. There's also a second option to add brisket.

To drink, I settled on the mango aguas frescas. I wanted something fruity, but not fizzy or alcoholic. This was my first time getting one and I think it'll be an option next time, too.

As for tacos, I typically like to go for steak, beef, or pulled pork...but I thought it would be nice to try something new. I ordered the fish tacos which is filled with pan-seared tilapia fillets with anchiote citrus marinade, and they were actually pretty good. So many people have told me to try fish tacos and I've cringed every single time. I still like my usual order though.

Today may have been National Taco Day, but everyday is perfectly appropriate for tacos in my opinion. I'm always down to try a new taco spot. 

Tell Me: What are your favorite taco restaurants in Dallas?