Amazon Prime Now | Very First Experience + Review

My MINI is in the shop yet again and I'm stuck without a car much longer than usual. It's been almost a whole week since I had to get it towed and while I am happy that I've been able to get loads of work done, I'm beginning to run a little low on things to eat and drink. Thank God I'll be picking it up in the morning, but I definitely have to eat until then.

At first, I was just going to order a pizza...but then I decided to check out Amazon Prime Now. I've wanted to try the service before, but at the time it wasn't available in my area -- now it was! I was super excited and started filling my basket with the items I really needed and wanted. This wasn't a huge order by any means. Simply to hold me over until tomorrow.

I think I placed my order a little after 11AM for delivery between 2-4PM and I was able to track my driver on a little updating map which I loved. Just when I checked the map at around 3PM, I noticed that the marker was right at my address. A few seconds later... *knock knock knock*

He handed me two brown bags with the Prime Now logo and was on his way to his next destination. Some of the other delivery services I've tried require a signature and I wish this was the case with Amazon Prime Now. Really, anyone could open their door and accept my groceries especially if the driver went to the wrong apartment number.

Anyway, I pulled my items out of the bags to make sure everything arrived. I restocked on my Simply Lemonade, Apple, and Orange juices which I was very happy about! Plus, most of the pricing was competitive with local stores as well.

If you're picky about your fruits and vegetables, I probably wouldn't recommend letting someone else pick them out for you. I'm not sure how well Amazon checks when fulfilling fruit/veggie orders, but this container of blueberries is not exactly what I would personally reach for in the grocery store. I can pick through them, but will definitely pick out my own blueberries in the future unless I'm desperate. 

All in all, Amazon Prime Now was very convenient for me while I was inconvenienced with my car trouble. However, I do hope that other stores are added for my area. I noticed that some areas are able to order products from stores like Sprouts. I would love that in the future. 

I'll certainly be trying the service out again with groceries and other Prime Now eligible items soon! 

Have you ordered groceries from Amazon Prime Now? Tell me about your experience!