Brighten the Coffee Table | Tulip Centerpiece w/ Lemon + Lime Slices

I got this idea from my mom who got the idea from my aunt who got it from somewhere else. I've said it before, but I'm always getting home decor ideas from my mom. We may not always have the same style, but I think we always inspire each other in little ways. 

This tulip center piece can be for your kitchen table, coffee table, for an entryway credenza or any other place you may have that you want to brighten and add a little color to. You can even use these for your Mother's Day brunch tables. I simply used white tulips that I found at Trader Joe's to match my decor, but you can get more creative with your centerpiece to achieve the look you're going for. 

Plus, it just looks super refreshing and full of life!

What You'll Need:

  • a bunch of tulips in any color (15-20 stems is sufficient if you're only doing tulips) 
  • one vase

  • scissors to trim stems

  • 1 (one) lemon

  • 1 (one) lime

  • a knife and cutting board for fruit

How to Arrange

  1. Fill your vase 3/4 with water. 
  2. Trim 1/2 inch from the ends of each tulip stem and remove leaves as necessary leaving 1-2 leaves on each. If there are leaves hiding the tulip flower, remove them, but do leave some intact.
  3. Place the bunch in your vase and add bear grass or any other filler grass or flowers.
  4. Slice one lemon and one lime with a knife.
  5. Carefully place and arrange lemon and lime slices in the water around the perimeter of your vase. Make sure the slices are in front of the tulip stems so they are visible.

Note: larger slices will rise to the top of the water while smaller slices will sink to the bottom. This is perfectly fine. Also, I've read that because of the high pH levels in lemons and limes, adding them to your vase water may decrease the longevity of the flowers/plants.

My centerpiece looked so boring just sitting by itself on the coffee table, so I decided to bring my antler tray from Home Goods back into the mix. I thoroughly enjoy dressing up a chic table tray. Add candles, small coffee table books, a candy dish...whatever fits your lifestyle and personality! This was my first time purchasing and playing with tulips in my apartment, but I absolutely love the way they look -- especially the fresh white color.

What are some of your favorite flowers to arrange with?

This post is partly sponsored by A Complete skincare as my Mother's Day skincare sponsor.

New Year, New Accents | Update & Refresh Your Space

January is such a refreshing month because it is the beginning of a new year. That means new opportunities, new memories, new goals...new everything. Many changes occur in our lives as well. This month, I wanted to switch up my accent pieces and update my space a little bit with the help of At Home! Adding new accent pieces to your decor may seem small, but it can really make a significant different.

Refinish Your Furniture

I found these beautiful marble drawer liners, but I wanted them to be seen. My desk has been through many late nights, desk dinners, and makeup tutorial filming sessions over four years. Point blank, it looked a mess!

I decided to take a few of the white marble liners ($5.99 per box) and permanently line the top of my desk instead. Honestly, I think it’s the best DIY project I’ve done because my work space now looks a million times better and has more personality. I bought a ton of these liners to use in my drawers and on other furniture pieces, too. At Home offers the liners in other colors as well, such as: deep blue, red, emerald green, and black.

 Rose gold table mirror ($14.99) // Clock ($14.99)

Rose gold table mirror ($14.99) // Clock ($14.99)

 Ring holder ($3.99)

Ring holder ($3.99)

Organize Your Obsessions

While I love home decor and all things lifestyle, I’m mainly a beauty influencer. That means that I have more hair products, makeup, and skincare than the law will allow. Organization is key! I found a few items at At Home that would be perfect for helping me get my beauty room in order, but still be stylish enough to flow with my decor.

I stocked up on Lush goodies after Christmas, so I have tons of bubble bars and bath bombs just waiting to be used. Until then, I’ve placed them in a large, gold rimmed glass jar ($19.99). Now picking my bath products feels like I’m in my own little candy store! I have all of my nail tools and accessories stored discreetly in this book storage box ($14.99) labeled ‘Les Miserebles’. My guests never suspect that it’s full of cotton balls and nail files! My secret.

Ceramic Succulents

Plants are so lovely and can add life to any room, but unfortunately I am a terrible plant mommy and (I’m ashamed to admit) it seems as though they die instantly under my care. When I spotted these ceramic succulent plants ($19.99 each), I immediately grabbed them. They look so real, but they’re conveniently not. I love plants, fauxidermy, crystals or anything else semi-earthly and unique, so these fit right in with my decor.

A Whole New Light

The inspiration for my entire style of decorating is mid-century. As a matter of fact, some of my favorite pieces in my apartment are actually vintage. I’ve been on a very serious hunt for an arc floor lamp and haven’t been able to find one I love for an affordable price. The original mid-centuy arc lamps also tend to be very large, so they’re better for homes with more space.

Initially, I said I was finished purchasing new lighting, but I was so excited when my eyes landed on this arc table lamp for only $49.99! It also gives my living room a slightly different look. Now I finally have the look I wanted for far under $100 and that fits my space. 

How are you refreshing your space with new accents for 2017? Visit your nearest At Home store to start updating!

This post is sponsored by At Home; however, I had 100% creative freedom and all opinions/product suggestions are my own. Hope you enjoy!

Winter Wonderland Christmas Tree Decor with At Home

Usually I post about the latest arrangements in my own apartment, but I decided to switch things up this month. If you're wondering where I get my knack and love for home decor from, then it's practically in my blood. The answer is: my mama. 

Originally, I planned on talking about my very first Christmas tree in the apartment, but my mom recently bought a new Christmas tree for our living room and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to showcase not only the beautiful ornaments from At Home, but her pro skills as well. She's always asking me to take photos around the house and post them! Plus, her tree looks 1000 times better than mine and it just didn't seem as fun shopping for my ornaments without her. 😞

Ever since I was itty bitty, my mom has decorated in warmer colors and contemporary furniture. When my mom described her vision for a newly designed living room to include cool colors like blue and grey with slightly modern touches, I was super excited. She started with a 9-foot tree which is definitely ideal if you have a high ceiling. The tips are a mix of cashmere, molded, and classic, so it looks much more realistic than a regular Christmas tree (you can see the tips if you enlarge the photos below).

At Home makes tree decorating so simple with themed aisles that have everything you need for a certain look. Of course, my mom mixed from different themes and brought them together to create a very well-coordinated Winter Wonderland tree.

You can find a variety of trees in At Home starting at $60.

One thing I've learned from my mom is that you don't need 20 of the same ornament -- variety is the key to decorating. 

Play with texture, patterns, shapes, and hues within your color scheme! Not every single piece you have has to match exactly. I've watched my mom decorate our home for years, so I use so many things I've learned as I continue to pull the apartment together including my own Christmas tree. I have to admit that I'm not 100% there yet because MY GOODNESS...it definitely takes time to accumulate!  

Ornaments are sold individually and in packs at At Home. The prices start at 1.99 for individual ornaments and $5.99 for packs.

Visit your favorite At Home store and build your dream Christmas tree!

This post is sponsored by At Home; however, my mom and I had 100% creative freedom and hope you enjoy! Happy Holidays!

How to Update Bedding for Fall + Winter

 Light spring/summer bedding color scheme

Light spring/summer bedding color scheme

It's officially fall, so that means we're quickly riding into winter! It's getting much cooler outside and the bright color scheme I had in my apartment just isn't cutting it anymore. One of my favorite things to do when the seasons change is to switch up my bedding! My bedroom is my sanctuary, so I like for it to feel comforting at all times. 

This month, I'm showing the transformation my room has made from spring/summer to fall/winter this year with the help of At Home! I wanted my room to feel extremely cozy for those days when I'm snuggled up with a cup of hot cocoa.

1. Change the Pillows + Bedding

One of the easiest ways to change the entire look of your room is to simply get new bedding! A white comforter and sheets were cute for a little while, but once they get dirty...they never look the same again. I decided to go with a light grey, matte satin quilt set ($49.99) which I absolutely love. I've had satin comforters in the past that slide everywhere and it's frustrating -- this one stays put.

With such a drastic change in bedding, it only made sense to get a few new pillows. I decided on a dark grey faux Mongolian fur ($24.99) and a sequined-front pillow ($19.99). The first hint of rose gold I bought for the bedroom was in this pillow and it really inspired my choice in metal. While I have all gold everything throughout the rest of my apartment, I felt that it would have been too bright.

2. Add a Decorative (Yet Fuctional) Throw

Seriously, I can never have enough throws. This deep grey (almost black) Diamond Berber throw has a decorative diamond-pattern side and a cozy fleece-like side. To play with texture in the room, I keep one corner folded back so I can show off both sides. It's gorgeous, but not too pretty for me to snatch up and cuddle up in! 

3. Faux Candles for Bedside Warmth

I've been warming up to candles lately (pun intended), but part of me is terrified that with one lit bedside I'll knock a pillow or corner of bedding into the flame. Don't laugh at me! 😂 Faux candles are the way to go and this one flickers, so...realistic enough for me.

LED Flameless Candle Lamp ($14.99) // Embossed Owl Mug ($4.99)

4. Accent Table + Lamp = GLOW

In August, I totally revamped my living room and this accent table was most-loved on Instagram! I've started making room in my living room for the holiday season, so I had to move it elsewhere. Even though the gold doesn't exactly flow with my bedroom scheme, it'll work for the holidays until I move it back to its home. If you want a warmer, cozier bedroom look, try placing a small frosted glass lamp under your accent table for a little bedside glow.

Cozy up your space for winter by visiting your nearest At Home!

This post is sponsored by At Home; however, I had 100% creative freedom and hope you enjoy!