New Year, New Accents | Update & Refresh Your Space

January is such a refreshing month because it is the beginning of a new year. That means new opportunities, new memories, new everything. Many changes occur in our lives as well. This month, I wanted to switch up my accent pieces and update my space a little bit with the help of At Home! Adding new accent pieces to your decor may seem small, but it can really make a significant different.

Refinish Your Furniture

I found these beautiful marble drawer liners, but I wanted them to be seen. My desk has been through many late nights, desk dinners, and makeup tutorial filming sessions over four years. Point blank, it looked a mess!

I decided to take a few of the white marble liners ($5.99 per box) and permanently line the top of my desk instead. Honestly, I think it’s the best DIY project I’ve done because my work space now looks a million times better and has more personality. I bought a ton of these liners to use in my drawers and on other furniture pieces, too. At Home offers the liners in other colors as well, such as: deep blue, red, emerald green, and black.

Rose gold table mirror ($14.99) // Clock ($14.99)

Rose gold table mirror ($14.99) // Clock ($14.99)

Ring holder ($3.99)

Ring holder ($3.99)

Organize Your Obsessions

While I love home decor and all things lifestyle, I’m mainly a beauty influencer. That means that I have more hair products, makeup, and skincare than the law will allow. Organization is key! I found a few items at At Home that would be perfect for helping me get my beauty room in order, but still be stylish enough to flow with my decor.

I stocked up on Lush goodies after Christmas, so I have tons of bubble bars and bath bombs just waiting to be used. Until then, I’ve placed them in a large, gold rimmed glass jar ($19.99). Now picking my bath products feels like I’m in my own little candy store! I have all of my nail tools and accessories stored discreetly in this book storage box ($14.99) labeled ‘Les Miserebles’. My guests never suspect that it’s full of cotton balls and nail files! My secret.

Ceramic Succulents

Plants are so lovely and can add life to any room, but unfortunately I am a terrible plant mommy and (I’m ashamed to admit) it seems as though they die instantly under my care. When I spotted these ceramic succulent plants ($19.99 each), I immediately grabbed them. They look so real, but they’re conveniently not. I love plants, fauxidermy, crystals or anything else semi-earthly and unique, so these fit right in with my decor.

A Whole New Light

The inspiration for my entire style of decorating is mid-century. As a matter of fact, some of my favorite pieces in my apartment are actually vintage. I’ve been on a very serious hunt for an arc floor lamp and haven’t been able to find one I love for an affordable price. The original mid-centuy arc lamps also tend to be very large, so they’re better for homes with more space.

Initially, I said I was finished purchasing new lighting, but I was so excited when my eyes landed on this arc table lamp for only $49.99! It also gives my living room a slightly different look. Now I finally have the look I wanted for far under $100 and that fits my space. 

How are you refreshing your space with new accents for 2017? Visit your nearest At Home store to start updating!

This post is sponsored by At Home; however, I had 100% creative freedom and all opinions/product suggestions are my own. Hope you enjoy!