Apartment Balcony Staycation | Inspiration & Design

Balcony images are not owned by me and are for inspiration purposes only.

If you've been following my blog, you know that I have been slowly adding home decor pieces to my apartment since August. At the time, I was a college student on a serious budget, so buying everything in one trip just wasn't going to happen! I never realized how long it can take to decorate a space until I moved into my own apartment and it's been almost 2 years now. Now that I'm 23 years-old and a new graduate, I have this weird "nesting" feeling and finally want to finish decorating.

I'm excited to introduce a new blog partnership as I expand to the lifestyle category -- it's with At Home (formerly Garden Ridge)! Over the next several months, I'll be decorating and revamping various spaces in my apartment.

The first space is my super bare balcony. I'll be showing the finished product later this month, but I wanted to show you all my inspiration and design ideas. Check out the layout I designed in Photoshop:

Summer is the perfect time to work up your outdoor space! Since I'm living in an apartment, my outdoor space isn't exactly massive, so I have to work with what I have to create a tranquil and chic staycation space. I work from home and sometimes I just need to GET OUT and soak up the sunlight! I want to create a space that will be relaxing whether it's day or night, and will incorporate the same pops of color I've added to the interior.

For a little more of my inspiration, scroll through my Pinterest board I made for this project:

Stay tuned for the before and after later this month and a little **SURPRISE** for my readers!

Ready to see the finished project? Here it is!