BoConcept Dallas Experience | Mid-Century Modern Inspiration

Recently, I was invited to receive a tour of the BoConcept showroom in Dallas located on McKinney Ave. I'd never heard of the interiors company before, but after browsing their site and seeing the several international locations I was excited to learn what they were all about! For those who know me well, my love for mid-century modern furniture and design is something serious. 

You might be wondering what BoConcept means, so let me break it down for you. "Bo" in Danish means "living", BoConcept essentially means "living concept". During my tour with the manager, Mads, I was intrigued by the functionality of each and every piece to fit the client's everyday lifestyle. From the way cabinets open to the convenient extensions of coffee tables, the product development is impeccable. Several of the pieces were perfect for apartment lifestyle and smaller spaces!

Also, the teams within the stores assist clients with the design from start to finish -- meaning most pieces are made-to-order and completely custom. You can change tiny details such as the corners on a dining room table to large details like the fabrics. They are even able to make a visit to your home to see your existing design and help you create a look with their very own software.

BoConcept's large assortment of fabrics that can be customized to meet the client's needs.

BoConcept's large assortment of fabrics that can be customized to meet the client's needs.

A living room like this (photo below) can be totally customized! Sectionals can be rearranged depending on needs and square footage, the fabric can be changed...the options are pretty endless. Pretty much whatever you dream up, BoConcept can make it happen. Think of it like Santa and the North Pole for adults.

Speaking of adults, this is like IKEA for the established and ballin'. There's absolutely nothing wrong with IKEA (a lot of my own furniture is there), but the price ranges and quality are like night and day. Their clients can best be described as established, young adults in their late 20s to mid-30s and empty nesters who may be ready to move into a high-rise/apartment or downsize. Either way, this is #LifeGoals!

Take a peek at some of the elements + pieces up close:

If you're looking for some new apartment pieces, BoConcept is currently having a Design Sale! And if you're not exactly looking for furniture right now, I highly recommend updating your accessories. It's the best way to switch up your space on a budget. Treat yourself!

BoConcept Dallas is located at 4438 McKinney Ave. Suite 200 in Dallas