How to Update Bedding for Fall + Winter

Light spring/summer bedding color scheme

Light spring/summer bedding color scheme

It's officially fall, so that means we're quickly riding into winter! It's getting much cooler outside and the bright color scheme I had in my apartment just isn't cutting it anymore. One of my favorite things to do when the seasons change is to switch up my bedding! My bedroom is my sanctuary, so I like for it to feel comforting at all times. 

This month, I'm showing the transformation my room has made from spring/summer to fall/winter this year with the help of At Home! I wanted my room to feel extremely cozy for those days when I'm snuggled up with a cup of hot cocoa.

1. Change the Pillows + Bedding

One of the easiest ways to change the entire look of your room is to simply get new bedding! A white comforter and sheets were cute for a little while, but once they get dirty...they never look the same again. I decided to go with a light grey, matte satin quilt set ($49.99) which I absolutely love. I've had satin comforters in the past that slide everywhere and it's frustrating -- this one stays put.

With such a drastic change in bedding, it only made sense to get a few new pillows. I decided on a dark grey faux Mongolian fur ($24.99) and a sequined-front pillow ($19.99). The first hint of rose gold I bought for the bedroom was in this pillow and it really inspired my choice in metal. While I have all gold everything throughout the rest of my apartment, I felt that it would have been too bright.

2. Add a Decorative (Yet Fuctional) Throw

Seriously, I can never have enough throws. This deep grey (almost black) Diamond Berber throw has a decorative diamond-pattern side and a cozy fleece-like side. To play with texture in the room, I keep one corner folded back so I can show off both sides. It's gorgeous, but not too pretty for me to snatch up and cuddle up in! 

3. Faux Candles for Bedside Warmth

I've been warming up to candles lately (pun intended), but part of me is terrified that with one lit bedside I'll knock a pillow or corner of bedding into the flame. Don't laugh at me! 😂 Faux candles are the way to go and this one flickers, so...realistic enough for me.

LED Flameless Candle Lamp ($14.99) // Embossed Owl Mug ($4.99)

4. Accent Table + Lamp = GLOW

In August, I totally revamped my living room and this accent table was most-loved on Instagram! I've started making room in my living room for the holiday season, so I had to move it elsewhere. Even though the gold doesn't exactly flow with my bedroom scheme, it'll work for the holidays until I move it back to its home. If you want a warmer, cozier bedroom look, try placing a small frosted glass lamp under your accent table for a little bedside glow.

Cozy up your space for winter by visiting your nearest At Home!

This post is sponsored by At Home; however, I had 100% creative freedom and hope you enjoy!