Holiday Gift Guide | Secret Santa & Stocking Stuffers for Under $20

It's officially 12 days until Christmas and you might still be struggling to figure out what gifts to buy! If you have a Secret Santa exchange or stocking stuffers to buy, there are plenty of clever items ready to be gifted at At Home. There's so much to choose from around the store for larger gifts, but the closer you get to the cash registers...the more stocking stuffer-worthy they become. I've put together four groups of gift ideas for different personalities you may have in your life! The best part? All of the items can be found in ONE store and are each under $20. You can buy them individually for inexpensive 'white elephant or 'secret Santa' gifts or purchase them all together for the ultimate present!

The Pretty Cleaner

For a beauty enthusiast like me, I hate doing things that will mess up my nails. Chemicals and rough handwork while cleaning around the house can really mess up your nails and usually aren't very kind to the skin. I'm all about meaningful gifts and stocking stuffers that I can put to use in my everyday life. I found these cute pink Casabella water-block gloves ($6.99) and sparkle sponges ($2.99) at At Home! Add a bottle of J.R. Watkins hand soap ($4.99) for the kitchen and perhaps a gift card to your beauty's favorite nail shop for a manicure. 

The Bathroom Beauty Guru

When I'm doing my hair every week, I make such a mess on my countertop with products and styling accessories! The Over The Cabinet Door Styling Center ($19.99) is great for eliminating the clutter and storing the items you use on a daily basis. There is plenty of room to store handheld blow dryers and flat irons, too. Add a Turbie Twist ($4.99) for the beauty guru on your list, so she won't need to struggle with a regular towel falling. Make her life easier!

The [Global] Mixologist

For the friend who is an at-home mixologist or always traveling, these gifts are made just for them! The Global Cocktail Flight mixers kit ($9.99) is perfect for flights because they're each under 3 fluid ounces (TSA-compliant) and can be mixed with an alcoholic beverage while onboard. Don't forget the neck pillow ($9.99) to prevent cramps! You can even add items like a gold cocktail shaker ($14.99) and a Moscow Mule mug ($14.99).

The Christmas Confectioner

The best part of the holidays is baking warm treats at home. My absolute favorite is freshly baked cookies with a glass of [soy] milk. I've become so obsessed with pretty marble cutting boards lately and this marble & wood cutting board ($19.99) is the cutest thing for any loved one on your list who loves to cook or bake. For this gift, I also added a glass sugar canister ($14.99) that will keep sugar tightly closed and much more attractive on the countertop rather than the paper packaging. Skillet cookies are delicious and super simple to make. My mom loves Reese's, so I thought the cast iron skillet set ($9.99) would be a great gift for her...and you can never have enough mitts and potholders ($6.99 duo) lying around!

All of these holiday gift items can be found at your favorite At Home store!

This post is sponsored by At Home; however, I had 100% creative freedom and all opinions/product suggestions are my own. Hope you enjoy & Happy Holidays!