Style Blogger Apartment: Planning + Ideas [Part One]

I moved into my apartment exactly one year ago and until now, it hadn't really been decorated. I'd purchased little pieces of decor here and there with the bigger picture in mind, but for the most part, it was pretty bare. I'm glad to be working on decorating this month as I head back to college for another (much lighter) semester. Since I work from home for both my blog and part-time job, a revamp is much needed -- my apartment is where I spend about 85% of my time! Technically, my apartment is my "office" and I want it to reflect my style and serve as inspiration.

While I'm on this journey to making my apartment look amazing, I'll be showing the pieces I've purchased and little things I've done with them on the blog.

This past week, I stopped at a couple of Home Goods and both Z Gallerie locations in Dallas. I found these gems at Home Goods and some botanicals (not pictured) on clearance at Z Gallerie! It's usually tough for me to come up with a color scheme, but I love neutrals to keep everything transitional and I kept gravitating towards yellow for my living room's pop of I think it's a go. Yellow is bright and cheerful which is exactly the goal for this room! I can't wait to show my apartment when it's done being designed!

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SC: JaleesaCharisse