Brighten the Coffee Table | Tulip Centerpiece w/ Lemon + Lime Slices

I got this idea from my mom who got the idea from my aunt who got it from somewhere else. I've said it before, but I'm always getting home decor ideas from my mom. We may not always have the same style, but I think we always inspire each other in little ways. 

This tulip center piece can be for your kitchen table, coffee table, for an entryway credenza or any other place you may have that you want to brighten and add a little color to. You can even use these for your Mother's Day brunch tables. I simply used white tulips that I found at Trader Joe's to match my decor, but you can get more creative with your centerpiece to achieve the look you're going for. 

Plus, it just looks super refreshing and full of life!

What You'll Need:

  • a bunch of tulips in any color (15-20 stems is sufficient if you're only doing tulips) 
  • one vase

  • scissors to trim stems

  • 1 (one) lemon

  • 1 (one) lime

  • a knife and cutting board for fruit

How to Arrange

  1. Fill your vase 3/4 with water. 
  2. Trim 1/2 inch from the ends of each tulip stem and remove leaves as necessary leaving 1-2 leaves on each. If there are leaves hiding the tulip flower, remove them, but do leave some intact.
  3. Place the bunch in your vase and add bear grass or any other filler grass or flowers.
  4. Slice one lemon and one lime with a knife.
  5. Carefully place and arrange lemon and lime slices in the water around the perimeter of your vase. Make sure the slices are in front of the tulip stems so they are visible.

Note: larger slices will rise to the top of the water while smaller slices will sink to the bottom. This is perfectly fine. Also, I've read that because of the high pH levels in lemons and limes, adding them to your vase water may decrease the longevity of the flowers/plants.

My centerpiece looked so boring just sitting by itself on the coffee table, so I decided to bring my antler tray from Home Goods back into the mix. I thoroughly enjoy dressing up a chic table tray. Add candles, small coffee table books, a candy dish...whatever fits your lifestyle and personality! This was my first time purchasing and playing with tulips in my apartment, but I absolutely love the way they look -- especially the fresh white color.

What are some of your favorite flowers to arrange with?

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