Blogger Talk | You Don't Need 100K Followers To Be Successful

I've been blogging for almost 3 years now (in March) and I don't have a massive social media following. I'll admit that this used to really get to me and I'd beat myself up about it all the time.

"What can I do better?"
"Why am I not growing fast enough?"
"I'll never be able to get any big opportunities..."

Those are the questions I'd cloud my mind with quite often.

So far, blogging has been quite an amazing journey for me filled with countless unexpected opportunities and it's kept me sane during my undergrad years. I've been able to work with some of my favorite companies like H&M and Target. I even had the opportunity to fly to LA for the first time to participate in a campaign back in August which still seems so surreal to me. Each one has been a blessing and I'm grateful for everything. I've grown a lot and treating my blog (my passion) as my job at this point has taught me many life lessons that I can always carry with me if I ever decide to stop blogging. These achievements and lessons learned are how I define my success.

Define success in your own terms and follow your own path. What worked for one content creator may not necessarily work for you. I haven't followed the typical preppy style, Starbucks, and top bun -- even though I do love a good preppy outfit and a hot mocha latte (can't get this fro in a top bun though). I've stayed true to my style and try to focus on keeping my personality extremely genuine. I'm not Pinterest-perfect by any means and I sometimes share my pet peeves, flaws, and struggles in hopes that someone might be able to relate or be inspired.

I also focus on posting the best quality content possible and I'm always tweaking things to make my blog posts, videos, designs, and overall approach better...but in a way that reflects ME.

I don't say any of this to boost myself or boast about my résumé, but to say that you don't need to have 100K followers (or any high number greater or less than) to be successful in the blogging world. I've noticed that this gets a lot of bloggers and content creators down in the dumps (including myself at times), but just know that you're not alone! Of course, companies are going to have their requirements like having 50K followers on one social platform alone (not really sure when I'm going to even reach that point) or getting 100,000 views a month on your blog (I wish!), but that doesn't mean that you won't get any opportunities or that you can't be considered successful. Remember: success in your own terms. And while blogging has become so incredibly saturated, there's literally a company or brand out there for everyone to work with.

Continue to be consistent, unique, genuine, and most importantly, patient. The followers will come. Until then, keep doing you.

Jaleesa Howard