What happened to The Fashion Geek?

I've changed a lot of things in the last 48 hours, so I thought an update would be necessary. If you follow me on social media, you may have seen me talking about this whole "transition" thing. Changing my blog was only a tiny (almost microscopic) thought last week, but something popped into my head on Monday that told me I should consider rebranding. I clearly thought this was a brilliant idea and purchased a new domain within minutes. Soon after, I changed my social media handles, too (@JaleesaCharisse)! FYI: Both my new and old domains will remain live.

Expanding to YouTube has been on my blog to-do list for months now and I finally feel like I'm in a place to do so! I wanted to be able to actually show you, my readers, things as they happen, expressing my thoughts on new brands, and how to do all things style and beauty. While I could have been creating YouTube content, I wanted to create quality videos that matched the increasing quality of my blog posts...and that required waiting.

With that being said, The Fashion Geek definitely still exists and I'll be posting here just as regularly as I plan to on YouTube...but I've chosen to be addressed and labeled as myself rather than my blog name. Hence the name change to Jaleesa Charisse -- a combination of my first and middle names. The Fashion Geek certainly remains a huge part of my personal brand but, in the direction I'm going, the name change makes a lot of sense. No, this is not the end!

If you've been following my blog, thank you and I can't wait to embark on this new journey with you! If you're new and just clicked this link out of curiosity (I'm not judging), I hope you'll continue to follow as I create new content!


The Story of the Summer Maxi | Peach Burnout

I think each summer, every girl has her favorite maxi. Of the many we purchase in preparation for spring and summer, there is at least one that we just can't get enough of! This one has been mine. I was at Target looking for the perfect pair of summer sandals and as I was just about to leave the store in disappointment, I paused in my tracks to admire this dress on one of the mannequins.

Do That Yoga feat. Sanuk

No, I'm not actually doing yoga -- although, that is on my to-do list of things to try! I posted about my Sanuk Yoga Slings yesterday on Instagram leading up to today's blog post because I really do love them. These are very different than all of the shoes in my collection, so I knew I wanted a pair, but I just didn't know exactly how to style them!

Goodbye, Rain! feat. Victoria Leather Company

For almost the last month in Dallas there has been severe weather nearly every day -- tornados, thunderstorms, and the most flooding I've ever seen in my 22-year life! I thought it would literally rain for forty days and forty nights, but this week has been much more promising with well-deserved sun. I posted this Marsala gem from Victoria Leather Company on Instagram a few weeks ago when it arrived and I couldn't wait to style it! It's the perfect on-the-go bag. I fell in love with the buttery soft leather and the unique 'Droplet' design! Not to mention, I've been obsessed with the Color of the Year, so Marsala was the perfect choice.

OOTD: Rhinestuds feat. Necessary Clothing, Else Denim, Louise et Cie

The same way most fashionistas love to wear head-to-toe black ensembles, I absolutely adore grey. I think my obsession for grey began when I was doing a trend board project for menswear during my sophomore year. Fifty Shades of Grey was my theme centered around an overcast city of Seattle. I drove all around Dallas searching for the perfect grey wool swatches for my board and just fell in love with the way grey pieces could be worn together even if they're not all matchy-matchy.

Check out this week's look and outfit details:

OOTD: Pop of Neon feat. J.Crew, Necessary Clothing, Stitch Fix, Joan & David

A few weeks ago, I received the 'Parker' cross body at my doorstep (courtesy of the J.Crew team) and I fell in love. I decided to stray from my typical versatile, neutral tones and go for something a bit more wild with the 'neon flame' color! I think it's important to have a few statement accessories.

I have a ton of olive/military green in my closet! I love styling it with pastel pink but, this time, I wanted to use it to make my new neon bag "pop". Today, I'm layering an oversized olive jacket over a tribal print shirt dress and wearing a comfy pair of thrifted ankle booties (or boots). This look transitions fall pieces to spring and is a style mixture of bohemian and edgy!

Check out the rest of the photos + outfit details:

Tribal Print Shirt Dress c/o Necessary Clothing (find similar styles) // 'Weekend Warrior' oversized jacket (no longer available; similar) // 'Parker' cross body in neon flame c/o J.Crew // Criss-cross ring from H&M (similar) // Three-finger ring from H&M // Arrow Bangle from Stitch Fix // Eyewear c/o Fetch // Leather ankle boots by Joan & David (thrifted; similar)

Photography x Stephanie Drenka Photography

OOTD: Double Zip Moto feat. Necessary Clothing, H&M, DL1961, Vince

Earlier this week, I talked about my haul of exciting spring pieces from Necessary Clothing, so let the styling begin! Out of all of the pieces I ordered, I was probably the most excited about styling this pastel pink double-zip moto blazer. I'm obsessed with rocking pastels as somewhat neutrals this season and I love an edgy piece that I can add to a feminine look.

This week's shoot took place at The Plaza at Preston Center which has some of the cutest boutiques and eateries! I'm posing in front of Sprinkles which has delicious cupcakes -- I may or may not have eaten one (or two) for breakfast. I mean, cupcakes are basically muffins with icing, right?!

Check out the look + outfit details:

Laurel Zip Blazer from Necessary Clothing // Statement Tank from H&M (find similar) // DL1961 Angel skinny jeans in 'Park' from Stitch Fix // Rings + Bracelets from H&M (find similar) // 'Celeste' Pumps in Oxblood by Vince

Necessary Clothing Spring Haul + Sneak Peek

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to pick out a few pieces from Necessary Clothing. I'd heard of the online store before (they also have a physical store in Soho, New York), but I'd never actually visited the site or ordered anything. I really don't know what took me so long because I've been pretty obsessed ever since! Necessary is for 20-somethings like me who are trendy and want clothing that can be easily transitioned from work to a girls' night out. I even ordered some other amazing pieces that you'll see on the blog next month!

I did another photoshoot with my blogger/photographer friend, Stephanie Drenka, on Friday and I couldn't help but share just a snippet of what's to come over the next few weeks. Full, detailed posts begin tomorrow. And my 2-year blogiversary is coming up on March 1st -- I'm incredibly excited -- so it's going to be a month of fabulousness! 

Check out what I got + peek at my upcoming looks (starting tomorrow):

I picked out this super cute  Laurel moto jacket  -- blush is huge this season + I love adding to my jacket collection!

I picked out this super cute Laurel moto jacket -- blush is huge this season + I love adding to my jacket collection!

Glam might as well be my middle name. This  jeweled sweatshirt  was a must-have for dressing up a super casual 'fit!

Glam might as well be my middle name. This jeweled sweatshirt was a must-have for dressing up a super casual 'fit!

I have a closet full of clothes, but I didn't have a tribal print shift dress ( similar silhouette )   and   it was on sale -- score! You can go edgy or bohemian (or both) with a piece like this.

I have a closet full of clothes, but I didn't have a tribal print shift dress (similar silhouetteand it was on sale -- score! You can go edgy or bohemian (or both) with a piece like this.

Also, check out the new arrivals!
Jackets // Tops // Dresses 

Photography by Stephanie Drenka Photography

This post is sponsored by Necessary Clothing and contains product courtesy of the company. However, all pieces were chosen and styled by me.

Compare + Review: Warby Parker VS. David Kind (Part 2)

In my last blog post, I reviewed the home try-on service for Warby Parker (read here) because I'm on the hunt for new glasses! I wanted to have another company compare with Warby Parker, so I did some Googling and discovered David Kind. I'd never heard about this company before, but the quality of their eyewear looked amazing and the service they claimed to offer sounded so much more personalized than any other company I'd seen.

David Kind offers the home try-on experience with a personal stylist/optician aspect that I absolutely love. Being a personal stylist myself, I really appreciate the personalization! You receive 6 pair of glasses to try for 6 days (and it's free!). David Kind allows you to create a profile where you can tell your stylist more about yourself and what eyewear styles you like -- you can even upload a headshot to provide a visual. Perhaps that contributed to the success of the eyewear selections in this kit!

I was asked to browse a small selection of eyewear and choose 3 frames that I wanted to try -- the remaining 3 were selected by my stylist. I received my home try-on within 5 days.

Check out the David Kind home-try on:


Compared to the Warby Parker packaging, this was absolutely adorable. A brand's lifestyle or image should translate even to a customer's home experience. Since David Kind doesn't have a physical location, I think it's so important for them to communicate their brand through packaging and they're successfully doing that. I didn't open a cardboard box only to see product and that was so refreshing. I was "greeted" with a cork box embossed with the David Kind logo. Each pair was in its own compartment and nicely "merchandised" -- there was also a large, clean mirror with "David Kind" labeled under the flap of the box

This is exactly how the box looked when I opened it:


There was an envelope with my name handwritten! Anything handwritten makes me excited -- its so personal! The envelope contained all of the information I needed about the glasses, plus the stylist's notes on why she picked them for me; it also contained a pamphlet on how to purchase a pair and the breakdown of the cost as well as the pre-paid return label.

Although the note was printed, my stylist Sami signed her name at the end. I definitely didn't expect a full handwritten note -- that's super time-consuming! I really enjoyed the handwritten touches.

Contact + Social Media:

I actually had a little address mixup when I signed up and had to quickly contact David Kind to get my address corrected before my kit shipped. In a panic, I called, sent an email, and used the live chat option -- Sami reached out to me via phone and chat to help make the correction! I was also taken care of via email. I later realized that the company is quite small consisting of a CEO and 3 opticians. It was nice being able to reach out and get a quick response on all platforms. I even posted photos of myself on social media and they engaged telling me which frames looked best!

Style + Quality:

There weren't nearly as many styles as Warby Parker, but I really loved the color options more. Each style had about 3 color options. I thought the frames fit my style and face shape much better. As I browsed the styles, I could click to read more about the frames including dimensions and origin. Some of the frames were made in Japan, while others were made in Italy -- you can really tell that they're quality glasses! The David Kind frames also weren't as thick as the Warby Parker ones.

Tried the @DavidKind frames first this week! The top two are my favorites. What do y'all think? @WarbyParker is next.

A photo posted by Jaleesa // The Fashion Geek (@thefashiongeek_) on

Price (starting at $295):

The price for all David Kind frames start at $295 and there are a few options for add-ons, but everything that's included is pretty much the same as Warby Parker.

Here's what's included:

  • The frames
  • HD Trivex or 1.67 Rx lenses
  • Anti-reflective coating
  • Anti-scratch coating
  • Free-form progressives ($80 additional)
  • 1.74 material ($50 additional)
  • Transitions ($50 additional)

I loved the individual feedback cards that came with each pair! I chose to save the ones I loved for later because I need to save up for a pair first. I was also able to address the fit and leave additional comments about color and style, so if I were to try more frames in a new try-on kit my stylist could understand a bit more about what I prefer.

David Kind actually wins with me right now because of the overall experience and customer service! The quality and style of the glasses were also a plus. The only downside are the add-ons which could make the glasses a little less affordable, but I don't really think I need any of those. My first impression of David Kind was that they had a more upscale approach to their business -- it almost reminded me of Nordstrom or Trunk Club (which is owned by Nordstrom). This is a service for the customer who values a unique experience, superb customer service, and high quality. I'd definitely recommend trying out David Kind if you're looking for glasses!

Have you tried David Kind or want to try them out? Let me know what you thought!

Did you miss part one of this review? Catch up, here!

Compare + Review: Warby Parker VS. David Kind (Part 1)

This week, I'm talking about my experience with two e-commerce eyewear companies as I embark on my journey to find a new pair of glasses (see my David Kind review, here). I just picked up my contacts for the year last month, but allergy season (also known as, spring) is just around the corner and I know I won't be able to function without an extra set of "eyes". I wanted to try a couple of home try-on kits from different companies to compare as I search for the perfect pair -- I didn't want to limit myself to only Warby Parker's selection simply because they happen to be the more popular option.

Warby Parker has been around for quite awhile now and most people don't really know that there are other e-commerce eyewear companies with home try-on options. This wasn't my first time trying their home try-on service, but the last time I definitely wasn't a serious buyer.

I picked frames last Monday and received my kit just in time for Valentine's Day! Warby Parker allows you to choose 5 frames that you're interested in trying (for free!) and keep them for 5 days -- enough time to wear one pair a day to get opinions from friends and family.

Here's what the kit looks like:


One thing that's super important to me in creating an experience around a brand is the packaging. When I opened the box, the glasses were individually packed in labeled ziplock bags in separate compartments in a plastic tray. With the image the brand has and the cute schoolhouse appearance of its retail locations, I expected a little more from the packaging to offer the same experience at home, but it's not really attractive. 

The Quality + Style:

I removed each of the frames from their packaging and tried them on in the mirror to get a feel for which frames I might look into purchasing. The frames were actually pretty nice and I liked the styles for the most part, but only two of them were close to fitting the shape and size of my face. I love the Warby Parker selection of glasses and color options -- there are tons to choose from in optical eyewear. They're designed in-house and made from premium Japanese titanium, Italian cellulose acetate, and polished by German wax.

Warby Parker also has new collections to select from each season.


Warby Parker isn't an extremely personalized service. You can choose five frames yourself, but if you're not quite sure and can only find 3 frames you're interested in trying on, Warby Parker's algorithm will suggest frames to help fill the rest of your box that are similar to the frames you've chosen. Other than that, there's no interaction with a representative or anyone else; however, they are very interactive on social media in helping choose frames if you post photos in your frames!

So here's the @WarbyParker home try-on. Not sure how I feel about these...at all. 😕 Working on my review today before I send them back.

A photo posted by Jaleesa // The Fashion Geek (@thefashiongeek_) on

Price (starting at $95):

Depending on the type of lenses you need or want, the price is very affordable for the average consumer and is all-inclusive which is perfect. A lot of times, when you order your glasses from other companies, each option is an additional cost and can make purchasing glasses super expensive! Most Warby Parker prescription lenses cost $95 for single-vision and $295 for progressive, and this includes the frame. I think I'd need the progressive, so that'd make my price $295.

There are no add-ons! Here's what's included:

  • The frames (of course!)
  • 100% UV Protection
  • Anti-scratch coating
  • Anti-reflective coating

Once I was finished trying on frames after five days, I filled out the first impressions form so I could remember which frames were my favorite if I decided to purchase a pair. The box arrives with a pre-paid shipping label, so all I needed to do was reseal the box with tape and cover the old label with the new one -- it was super easy and I could just drop it off at my local post office!

I like Warby Parker and would probably purchase from them after trying another home try-on as this particular set wasn't exactly successful for me. The last time I tried Warby Parker, I felt as though the frames were far too big for my face. This time, there were a few frames that were almost perfect, but I just wasn't in love with them. 

I decided to try another home try-on service with a personal styling aspect from David Kind. Check out part two of my review!

Have you tried Warby Parker or want to try them out? Let me know what you thought!

OOTD: Flirty Florals feat Diane Von Furstenberg, Vince, Baublebar

So Valentine's Day is coming up and it's time for all of the expensive dinners, oversized teddy bears, and fresh bouquets of roses! I've never really been into overspending on dates just for one day since both my boyfriend and I are in college right now. For me, it's simply about being able to spend time with the one I love. Tomorrow, Bae and I are going to a screening party for the anticipated Fifty Shades of Grey movie at the Angelika in Dallas. Unfortunately, I never got to finish reading the entire trilogy (or the first book), but I'm excited nevertheless.

It's warming up in Texas now (a bit early), so I thought this outfit would be perfect for Valentine's Day and transitioning to spring. I found this super cute and flirty DVF 'Ria' Pink Wing chiffon dress on the clearance rack at TJ Maxx and I've been dying to wear it with these Vince pumps ever since I bought them after New Year's. For me, Marsala is the new black which means I'm using it as a neutral since it is a browned burgundy. Rather than wearing the typical "nude" shoes with this dress, I decided to wear Marsala which is much closer to my "nude" without being too neutral -- there's still color. It looks amazing with pops of pink and teal! 

I'm also wearing a few Baublebar pieces that I picked up at Nordstrom Rack. Tortoise goes with pretty much everything, so I'm wearing my pavé lucite link bracelet to mix prints and not make this outfit so match-y. 

Dress: Diane Von Furstenberg 'Ria' Pink Wing chiffon dress ($56.00 on clearance; originally $149)  -- TJ Maxx // Shoes: VINCE. 'Celeste' suede pumps in oxblood ($86.00) -- Nordstrom Rack // Bracelet: Baublebar pavé lucite tortoise link -- Nordstrom Rack (similar) // Earrings: Baublebar hex stud earrings (similar)

Photography x Stephanie Drenka
Hair x Blo Knox Dry Bar

Retail Therapy Rx: 4 Tricks for Avoiding Emotional Spending

Retail therapy -- we've all engaged in this activity whether we realize it or not. Have you ever gone through a breakup or had a terrible day work and find yourself shopping? They say money can't buy happiness (which I do agree with), but there's something about adding things to your shopping cart online or browsing the new arrivals at Sephora that suddenly makes those negative feelings magically fizz away. I would be lying if I said I weren't guilty of this! I do it all the time, especially when I'm feeling a little discouraged about school or my career. Clothes and food are my go-to. The issue I'm trying to avoid always usually comes back to mind, but it's nice to have an escape just for a little bit. One really popular tweet/Instagram quote lately has women saying, "I wish retail therapy was covered by my health insurance" -- I'm also guilty of saying this -- but that will probably never happen!

With e-commerce so popular, it's not so easy not to indulge in retail therapy, but there are some things that I do whenever I'm feeling some type of way and probably should not be shopping.

  • When you're feeling emotional, find something else to do besides shopping and make that a habit instead. Read a book to escape, write a blog post, cook a new meal you've been dying to try, or go exercise for an hour! There are plenty of stress-relief activities you could be engaging in besides spending when you're upset.
  • Set a budget -- and stick to it. It's great to spend and splurge every once in a while, but all of that spending adds up quickly. Set aside a small percentage of your paycheck each month for "luxury", or leisure, spending and treat yourself throughout the month. When your leisure money is gone, stop spending!
  • You're feeling super sad and you buy a DVF wrap dress -- in every color. Quit the impulse buying! And that brings me to my next point...
  • Ask yourself "Do I really need it?" Do you really need those super funky Jeffrey Campbell platform boots? Will you wear them again a month from now? Probably not. [Tip: when I see something I think I love in a store and I keep picking it up or coming back to it, it's more than likely a piece I truly love. If that's the case, go for it!]

    Check out the cool infographic from eHealth and see why you might be emotionally spending and what categories you're spending the most money on. I found it to be so true!

Do you emotionally spend? What are your tips for avoiding it?

OOTD: Très Mignon feat. Louise et Cie + H&M

My style is really all over the place. I love pieces that I can wear classic one day and edgy the next. Versatility is something I really value!

I wanted to pull together some old favorites to style with my new H&M 'Très Mignon' (translation: "very sweet") sweatshirt and super chunky statement necklace. The leather vest was a treasure I found when I first began thrifting. Although I've donated most of the clothes I bought during my thrift store obsession phase, I do have a few favorite pieces that I just can't part with. This is one of them. The skirt is actually from the kids' department at JCPenney! My little sister and I can surprisingly wear some of the same pieces, so I "borrowed" this graphic knit skirt one day and it never made it back to her closet. I'm also wearing the Louise et Cie boots I bought over winter break -- the leather is SO buttery soft and comfortable!

Check out this week's photos + get the outfit details:

Statement sweatshirt x H&M ($9.95 -- similar) // Leather vest (thrifted) // Statement necklace x H&M ($29.95 -- not available) // Graphic knit skirt (from my little sister's closet) // Metallic silver cross body x Aeropostale (similar) // Louise et Cie slingback boots (similar in leather + suede)

Photography x Stephanie Drenka.
Hair x Blo Knox Dry Bar.

Stitch Fix Unboxing | January/February 2015


It's been a little while since I reviewed an apparel subscription box company, but I figured I'd go ahead and give Stitch Fix a try! My box arrived on Wednesday morning soon after I posted my OOTD for the week and I immediately opened it to see what everything looked like! 

The Stitch Fix notes are so much longer and more personal than those from most companies, so I really like that! With the stylist note are style cards for each of the pieces you receive -- these show two different ways to wear one piece and are super helpful! I also received an "invoice" with all of the information for each piece including pricing.

Stitch Fix is $20/month but, if you buy one or more items, the styling fee is used toward your purchase! And if you buy all 5 items, you get a 25% discount so there are definitely incentives with this service.

**As a Stitch Fix stylist, I have the opportunity to style my own Fixes, so you can see that my items were handpicked by myself and I wrote my own stylist note.**

**As a Stitch Fix stylist, I have the opportunity to style my own Fixes, so you can see that my items were handpicked by myself and I wrote my own stylist note.**

The accessories were two of my favorite pieces in the box and I think I'm going to keep one of them -- or maybe both! The only reason why I might not keep the super cute clutch is because I very rarely change my handbags. Last year, I carried the same Danielle Nicole handbag with every outfit. This year, I'm carrying my new one. Plus, small clutches can't carry my camera and laptop! But it would be really cute for a blogger event or a girls' night.

I listed the names of each piece below so you can ask your stylist (or me) for these in your first or next Fix!

I love this one because it's a fabulous spring piece! It's also easy to dress up or down -- you can wear it with jeans to run errands, or add a chunky jeweled statement necklace and some super chic heels! The front fits like a regular sweatshirt and the back hangs like a flow-y chiffon top. This is really a great mixed media piece if you're going to buy one for spring! I'm actually debating on this one.

Unfortunately, this last blouse wasn't what I expected it to be for two reasons. One: it was very loose on me -- typically I'm a medium, but I think a size down would have fit better. Two: the blouse was supposed to be tacked at the bust (which I could alter myself) and the threading seemed to have unraveled at some point. I mostly won't be keeping it because I'd need a size down -- maybe I lost a bit of weight? *does happy dance*

I saved the best for last on purpose. THESE DL1961 ankle skinny jeans are the holy grail. I've been searching for a pair of perfect jeans for a long time now because although I'm small, I still have curves. I tried on a pair of DL jeans at Nordstrom Rack last month, but the inseam was too short for me. I was, however, obsessed with the soft, stretchy fabric and how the jeans fit comfortably like a glove -- no open space in the waist whatsoever! When I tried this pair on, I knew they were a must-have. I could buy these and throw out half of my jean collection and feel perfectly unbothered. THAT is how much I love them!

Overall, so far...I really like the Stitch Fix service and I like getting things in the mail other than bills, so this is a nice thing to look forward to! You can schedule Fixes to come more frequently or whenever you're ready for one if you want to, but I'll probably schedule only one per month unless I have a special occasion. Next month, I'll do a video and a blog post so you can see the pieces in "real life"...but you'll definitely see how I style the pieces I decide to keep soon!

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Disclaimer: I am a Stitch Fix employee; however, all opinions are my own and this review is not sponsored by the company. This blog post does contain referral links.

OOTD: Marsala Obsession feat. H&M + Jeffrey Campbell

So, I had my first photoshoot the other day with the fabulous Stephanie Drenka (she's also the face behind the blog Geek Glam) -- actually, this was my first blog shoot ever! If I look a bit amateur, then that's probably why...but the photos turned out to be perfect and I'm excited to share them with you! I just so happened to get my hair blown out just in time on Saturday at Blo (read the full post) -- my hair is so used to doing it's own thing that flat ironing it has been extremely tough, so I just gave up and let it! 

For today's outfit, I'm featuring this marsala jumpsuit from H&M that I've had my eye on since it hit the racks after New Years. I looks more purple in the photos, but is definitely a browned burgundy in real life. I've actually been completely obsessed with the color since it was announced at Pantone's color of the year for 2015, so it'll be incorporated on The Fashion Geek a lot this year.

Open-Back Jumpsuit in Plum: H&M ($59.95); Textured Ring: H&M (similar); Statement Necklace: H&M (similar); Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Vintage from Nordstrom Rack (similar)

Photography x Stephanie Drenka.
Hair x Blo Knox Dry Bar.

I'm Hosting the H&M Opening at Cielo Vista Mall!


I'm back! School is out and the holiday season has officially started. Last month, I was asked to host another H&M opening (this season has truly been a blessing) and it's this week! I'm so stoked to be going back to El Paso because it was absolutely gorgeous and the people were so incredibly hospitable. If you live nearby, you're not going to want to miss the opening! These events are always so upbeat with an in-store DJ while you shop and there are usually special prices on select items! I got a blazer for only $10 at one of the Dallas opening events!

There are several ways to shop for less at H&M during the grand opening.

  1. Be one of the first 300 shoppers in line and you'll receive an all-access fashion pass valued up to $300 off your entire purchase.
  2. Bring in old garments to be recycled before the store opens at noon for the chance to win an H&M gift card valued between $50 and $100.
  3. You can also bring a bag of old garments on a normal business day and receive a 15% discount on one item of your choice. You get those old clothes off your hands and a fabulous discount all while being sustainable! Perfect, right?
  4. Be one of the first 5 people in line to tweet me a selfie (@TheFashionGeek_) with the hashtag #HMLOVESELPASO to receive a style consultation from me, early access to the store at 11:30AM, and a $100 H&M gift card! (details also in the photo above)

I'm already getting tweets and messages from some super excited H&M lovers...and even some fashionistas/fashionistos I saw at the Outlet Shoppes opening! If you'll be at the Cielo Vista opening event, leave a comment! I can't wait!

Pantone's Color of the Year 2015: Marsala


If you haven't already heard, Pantone introduced the highly anticipated Color of the Year last week and it's gorgeous. Marsala may not be as bright and vivid as Radiant Orchid or Emerald from years prior, but it is a rightfully earthy tone that reflects the earth-conscious mentality of the times and can be easily translated across all design platforms. Marsala is also visioned to take on a range of textures and finishes. 

I'm actually very excited to play with this color in beauty and fashion because it's so incredibly versatile. Not to mention, I already have a ton of Marsala in my wardrobe because I feel that wine and spicy colors compliment my skin exceptionally well. And since I'm so deep-toned, colors like Marsala tend to look like more of a nude on me.

While this year's color was completely unexpected, I love it. However, I have seen a lot of opinions from people who also think Marsala is gorgeous and from those who think Marsala looks absolutely disgusting. The last earthy tone that made it as Pantone's Color of the Year was 'Sand Dollar' in 2006 which was nearly 9 years ago, but I think this is a much spicier and interesting play on a deep burgundy. 

Check out this video to hear about the inspiration and vision for Marsala:

I Saved $485+ at Nordstrom Rack for Black Friday!


I'm pretty sure this year was the first year Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack actually participated in Black Friday additional savings deals...and I loved every moment of it! Nordstrom full-line stores were offering an additional 20% off on sale items while Nordstrom Rack offered an additional 30% off on all red-tag items. And I definitely bought more than I needed to, but got some really amazing deals so it was certainly worth it!

I told myself I would not leave the house for Black Friday, but after my boyfriend mentioned wanting to go, I knew that would be the end of my plans for Thanksgiving recovery!

Below are my Thanksgiving + Black Friday finds (most discounted, a few full-priced). I also mostly shopped at Nordstrom Rack to get the best savings + it's such a treasure hunt to me!


Nordstrom (Pre-Thanksgiving):

Nordstrom Rack (Black Friday weekend):

Some items are unavailable online, so I have linked to similar items not necessarily at Nordstrom.

Note: The additional 30% off continues at Nordstrom Rack and NordstromRack.com until tonight and TOMORROW (Cyber Monday) is a double points day for all Nordstrom Fashion Rewards members!

OOTD | Turkey Day feat. Katydid Collection

It's Turkey Day, also known as good ole Thanksgiving, and there's plenty to be thankful for. I have my family, best friend, boyfriend, and those who have supported me and my blog -- words can't express how grateful I am for the people who are in my life. It is incredibly easy to forget all of the amazing people we have in our lives or the many opportunities we are blessed with so, to me, Thanksgiving is one of those days for me to reflect and remember. Of course, my favorite part of Thanksgiving is being around family...but I also prepare for the mouthwatering meal that we all come together to prepare! I never really get super dressed up for this holiday because when I'm filling up on delicious food, the last thing I need is a tight waistband.

'This is My Turkey Day Shirt' top  c/o Katydid Collection // blush-colored  chevron pointelle infinity scarf  (on sale) at Nordstrom // H&M dark wash skinny jeans and blush Mossimo Supply Co. 'Ona' flats from Target. 

'This is My Turkey Day Shirt' top c/o Katydid Collection // blush-colored chevron pointelle infinity scarf (on sale) at Nordstrom // H&M dark wash skinny jeans and blush Mossimo Supply Co. 'Ona' flats from Target. 

Today, I'm very comfortable wearing my new 'This is My Turkey Day Shirt' top courtesy of Katydid Collection based in Dallas paired with the blush-colored chevron pointelle infinity scarf (on sale) that I bought yesterday at Nordstrom! I'm also wearing my H&M dark wash skinny jeans and blush Mossimo Supply Co. 'Ona' flats from Target. 

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving surrounded by family & friends! Thank you to everyone who keeps up with me and continues to support me!

5 Things on my Christmas Wish List

This is the first Christmas wish list I've made this year...and I'm quite sure it won't be the last. Since I've gotten older and have begun to ask for less each holiday season, my wish list has become just that -- a wish list. Darn, my expensive taste. This year, it's definitely a fair mix between dream and reality picks. Who knows? Maybe I'll actually splurge and go for those Christian Louboutin Pigalle pumps...