The Story of the Summer Maxi | Peach Burnout

I think each summer, every girl has her favorite maxi. Of the many we purchase in preparation for spring and summer, there is at least one that we just can't get enough of! This one has been mine. I was at Target looking for the perfect pair of summer sandals and as I was just about to leave the store in disappointment, I paused in my tracks to admire this dress on one of the mannequins.

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Do That Yoga feat. Sanuk

No, I'm not actually doing yoga -- although, that is on my to-do list of things to try! I posted about my Sanuk Yoga Slings yesterday on Instagram leading up to today's blog post because I really do love them. These are very different than all of the shoes in my collection, so I knew I wanted a pair, but I just didn't know exactly how to style them!

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OOTD: Rhinestuds feat. Necessary Clothing, Else Denim, Louise et Cie

The same way most fashionistas love to wear head-to-toe black ensembles, I absolutely adore grey. I think my obsession for grey began when I was doing a trend board project for menswear during my sophomore year. Fifty Shades of Grey was my theme centered around an overcast city of Seattle. I drove all around Dallas searching for the perfect grey wool swatches for my board and just fell in love with the way grey pieces could be worn together even if they're not all matchy-matchy.

Check out this week's look and outfit details:

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