AeroNow Recap | Aeropostale Relaunch [Photos]

This year has proven to be the year of launches and relaunches for many retailers, but one relaunch I never expected was Aeropostale's last Monday. Weeks prior to the big relaunch, the company used very vague taglines like "AeroNow" and "Are you who you were a year ago?". This definitely sparked my curiousity because my generation grew up with Aeropostale but, as we hit high school and college, it felt as though we had outgrown the brand.

I love that Aeropostale has evolved from middle school/high school style to college style. It's so refreshing to not see Aero logos on almost every piece! This week, I've been playing with some of the pieces I picked out during the launch and I've gotten so many compliments -- people have been completely shocked that my response is "Aeropostale" when they ask me "Where did you get that?". 

These were so comfy and they fit me perfectly (which is so difficult to find), so I knew I had to buy a pair!

Pretty Little Liars is one of my favorite show on TV right now, so to see a full collection inspired by the characters had me so excited!

YouTuber, Bethany Mota, is back with a new fall collection in her line for Aeropostale.

Live Love Dream is Aeropostale's new athletic and loungewear brand that is very similar to PINK.

This is a shot that I took in Aeropostale's super cool fitting rooms. They were obviously telling me that I needed a pair of their jeans!

I think I browsed the store and tried clothes on for over an hour trying to decide which pieces to settle on! Want to see the super cute pieces I picked out and how I styled them? Stay updated by following me!

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Jaleesa Howard