I Have A Personal Stylist for $25 A Month! | Trunk Club Review

So...I may not have a ton of styled photos for this blog post, but this month marks my fourth Trunk Club "trunk" and I am so pleased with the service that I really wanted to share my experience so far with you all!

In January, I decided that I was tired of spending hours going shopping for clothes, so signed up for Trunk Club -- new year, new wardrobe! I've always known about this particular service from the rest, but always thought you basically had to be ready to spend hundreds on clothes in order to be successful. I was so wrong! 

Back when I was winding down my time at Nordstrom as a salesperson in 2014, I remember hearing that the company had acquired Trunk Club and has since become an extension of my favorite department store. It's convenient, high-quality personal shopping without any hassle and with plenty of Nordstrom perks.

Here's the process:

  • Each month, I get to chat with my stylist on the Trunk Club platform (either via app or the site) in a messenger. It's totally live and real-time which is super cool.
  • My stylist now has a pretty good idea of my style, so she usually asks if I'm looking for anything in particular or have any upcoming trips, events, etc. prior to styling for me. I can even send her a Pinterest board to reference! Trunk Club Tip: The more info you can provide, the better your trunk will likely be.
  • Once she has styled my trunk, she sends it over to me for approval. I can always decline any items I don't want and choose to have the remainder of the trunk shipped or my stylist replace them with other items.
  • After I've approved my trunk, it will be shipped to me and my credit card will be charged the styling fee of $25. The trunk arrives at my doorstep in just a few days as previously scheduled.
  • Now the fun part -- I receive my trunk without even having to leave the house and I'm free to unbox/try-on. See what came in this month's trunk below!

For this trunk, I've shown each of the items included in my trunk that can also be found in Nordstrom stores/online and from other brands carried in-store. You could find these items on your own, but Trunk Club takes the stress out of the shopping experience...and it can ABSOLUTELY be stressful sometimes on your own! 

Once I've figured out which items I love and that I'm going to keep, I package everything I'm not keeping into the trunk in preparation to return. It's super simple! Depending on if I'm already stopping by the UPS store, I'll just return it myself...but if I'm busy and can't find the time to leave my home, I will schedule a UPS pick-up. I think trunks can even be returned at a Trunk Club location -- there's one here in Dallas.

This post was filled with pros, but here's what else I've found:


  • Quite honestly, I haven't found any cons just yet. Trunk Club has combined everything I love about Nordstrom into this service including the merchandise and the customer service has been stellar. 


  • Convenient and stress-free personal styling experience.
  • It's affordable at only $25 for a trunk and that fee goes towards any purchase.
  • I'm sent items from brands that I already know and own.
  • Trunks can be sent however often I need them.
    There's no monthly commitment if you don't want it!
  • If I want expensive, my stylist will give me
    higher priced items. If I want inexpensive, 
    I know it's not impossible to receive. There are
    options for every budget and I love that!
  • Trunks can be ordered for doorstep delivery, 
    you can be styled at a Trunk Club clubhouse or
    have custom clothing made just for you.
  • You can pay for your purchases with your
    Nordstrom debit or credit cards and earn points!
  • If you are using your Nordstrom card, the styling
    fee is WAIVED. Yes, that means no fee.
  • If your clothes need adjustments, you can get
    them altered at a Trunk Club clubhouse or at a
    Nordstrom store.
  • Sometimes you can even catch items ON SALE! I'm
    all about saving coins.

Follow me at @JaleesaCharisse to eventually see me wearing my Trunk Club pieces. I've purchased new items each month so far. I'll definitely be continuing to use the service and would highly recommend no matter your budget. There's literally something for every age, every style and budget just as it would be in a Nordstrom store!

Schedule your first trunk with Trunk Club today!

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