New Year, New Glasses | David Kind Home Try-On Review *UPDATE*

If you've been following my blog for a few years, then you might remember the compare + review I did while I was on my hunt for new glasses back in 2015. Everyone was raving about Warby Parker, but I wanted to check out some alternatives rather than just settling on the popular option. During my search, I found David Kind and compared everything from the service to quality to Warby Parker's.

Fast forward: I was totally sold on David Kind and ended up earning a pair from them (through my referral link) a few months after writing my review. I picked out the Laurel and love them SO much but now it's time to pick out a new pair (or two) for 2017, so I wanted to update y'all on my journey to clear vision.

Flip through to see what the home try-on set looks like:

I requested a new home try-on set from David Kind to pick out my new pairs of glasses. They do not have physical locations, so you get to try the glasses and ask friends & family for opinions in the comfort of your own home. Each set includes six pairs of glasses: 3 are chosen by you, the other 3 are chosen by your stylist. All I have to do is send photos to my stylist for measurement purposes and my updated prescription. For one price, I get everything I need without having to try on dozens of glasses at a store which can be hella exhausting. *yawn*

Here are the ones that came in my set (left: my picks; right: my stylist's picks):

I tried them on for my mom and we both LOVE the Mia and Trenton, but I want to see what y'all think, too! Join the polls on Instagram to help me decide on a pair. 😝 If you're looking for glasses, definitely try David Kind as an option this year! They're really amazing and the presentation and quality are both lit. You can also read my more in-depth review, here.

Experience David Kind and request a home try-on set to find your perfect frames