Compare + Review: Warby Parker VS. David Kind (Part 1)

This week, I'm talking about my experience with two e-commerce eyewear companies as I embark on my journey to find a new pair of glasses (see my David Kind review, here). I just picked up my contacts for the year last month, but allergy season (also known as, spring) is just around the corner and I know I won't be able to function without an extra set of "eyes". I wanted to try a couple of home try-on kits from different companies to compare as I search for the perfect pair -- I didn't want to limit myself to only Warby Parker's selection simply because they happen to be the more popular option.

Warby Parker has been around for quite awhile now and most people don't really know that there are other e-commerce eyewear companies with home try-on options. This wasn't my first time trying their home try-on service, but the last time I definitely wasn't a serious buyer.

I picked frames last Monday and received my kit just in time for Valentine's Day! Warby Parker allows you to choose 5 frames that you're interested in trying (for free!) and keep them for 5 days -- enough time to wear one pair a day to get opinions from friends and family.

Here's what the kit looks like:


One thing that's super important to me in creating an experience around a brand is the packaging. When I opened the box, the glasses were individually packed in labeled ziplock bags in separate compartments in a plastic tray. With the image the brand has and the cute schoolhouse appearance of its retail locations, I expected a little more from the packaging to offer the same experience at home, but it's not really attractive. 

The Quality + Style:

I removed each of the frames from their packaging and tried them on in the mirror to get a feel for which frames I might look into purchasing. The frames were actually pretty nice and I liked the styles for the most part, but only two of them were close to fitting the shape and size of my face. I love the Warby Parker selection of glasses and color options -- there are tons to choose from in optical eyewear. They're designed in-house and made from premium Japanese titanium, Italian cellulose acetate, and polished by German wax.

Warby Parker also has new collections to select from each season.


Warby Parker isn't an extremely personalized service. You can choose five frames yourself, but if you're not quite sure and can only find 3 frames you're interested in trying on, Warby Parker's algorithm will suggest frames to help fill the rest of your box that are similar to the frames you've chosen. Other than that, there's no interaction with a representative or anyone else; however, they are very interactive on social media in helping choose frames if you post photos in your frames!

So here's the @WarbyParker home try-on. Not sure how I feel about all. 😕 Working on my review today before I send them back.

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Price (starting at $95):

Depending on the type of lenses you need or want, the price is very affordable for the average consumer and is all-inclusive which is perfect. A lot of times, when you order your glasses from other companies, each option is an additional cost and can make purchasing glasses super expensive! Most Warby Parker prescription lenses cost $95 for single-vision and $295 for progressive, and this includes the frame. I think I'd need the progressive, so that'd make my price $295.

There are no add-ons! Here's what's included:

  • The frames (of course!)
  • 100% UV Protection
  • Anti-scratch coating
  • Anti-reflective coating

Once I was finished trying on frames after five days, I filled out the first impressions form so I could remember which frames were my favorite if I decided to purchase a pair. The box arrives with a pre-paid shipping label, so all I needed to do was reseal the box with tape and cover the old label with the new one -- it was super easy and I could just drop it off at my local post office!

I like Warby Parker and would probably purchase from them after trying another home try-on as this particular set wasn't exactly successful for me. The last time I tried Warby Parker, I felt as though the frames were far too big for my face. This time, there were a few frames that were almost perfect, but I just wasn't in love with them. 

I decided to try another home try-on service with a personal styling aspect from David Kind. Check out part two of my review!

Have you tried Warby Parker or want to try them out? Let me know what you thought!

Jaleesa Howard