Compare + Review: Warby Parker VS. David Kind (Part 2)

In my last blog post, I reviewed the home try-on service for Warby Parker (read here) because I'm on the hunt for new glasses! I wanted to have another company compare with Warby Parker, so I did some Googling and discovered David Kind. I'd never heard about this company before, but the quality of their eyewear looked amazing and the service they claimed to offer sounded so much more personalized than any other company I'd seen.

David Kind offers the home try-on experience with a personal stylist/optician aspect that I absolutely love. Being a personal stylist myself, I really appreciate the personalization! You receive 6 pair of glasses to try for 6 days (and it's free!). David Kind allows you to create a profile where you can tell your stylist more about yourself and what eyewear styles you like -- you can even upload a headshot to provide a visual. Perhaps that contributed to the success of the eyewear selections in this kit!

I was asked to browse a small selection of eyewear and choose 3 frames that I wanted to try -- the remaining 3 were selected by my stylist. I received my home try-on within 5 days.

Check out the David Kind home-try on:


Compared to the Warby Parker packaging, this was absolutely adorable. A brand's lifestyle or image should translate even to a customer's home experience. Since David Kind doesn't have a physical location, I think it's so important for them to communicate their brand through packaging and they're successfully doing that. I didn't open a cardboard box only to see product and that was so refreshing. I was "greeted" with a cork box embossed with the David Kind logo. Each pair was in its own compartment and nicely "merchandised" -- there was also a large, clean mirror with "David Kind" labeled under the flap of the box

This is exactly how the box looked when I opened it:


There was an envelope with my name handwritten! Anything handwritten makes me excited -- its so personal! The envelope contained all of the information I needed about the glasses, plus the stylist's notes on why she picked them for me; it also contained a pamphlet on how to purchase a pair and the breakdown of the cost as well as the pre-paid return label.

Although the note was printed, my stylist Sami signed her name at the end. I definitely didn't expect a full handwritten note -- that's super time-consuming! I really enjoyed the handwritten touches.

Contact + Social Media:

I actually had a little address mixup when I signed up and had to quickly contact David Kind to get my address corrected before my kit shipped. In a panic, I called, sent an email, and used the live chat option -- Sami reached out to me via phone and chat to help make the correction! I was also taken care of via email. I later realized that the company is quite small consisting of a CEO and 3 opticians. It was nice being able to reach out and get a quick response on all platforms. I even posted photos of myself on social media and they engaged telling me which frames looked best!

Style + Quality:

There weren't nearly as many styles as Warby Parker, but I really loved the color options more. Each style had about 3 color options. I thought the frames fit my style and face shape much better. As I browsed the styles, I could click to read more about the frames including dimensions and origin. Some of the frames were made in Japan, while others were made in Italy -- you can really tell that they're quality glasses! The David Kind frames also weren't as thick as the Warby Parker ones.

Tried the @DavidKind frames first this week! The top two are my favorites. What do y'all think? @WarbyParker is next.

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Price (starting at $295):

The price for all David Kind frames start at $295 and there are a few options for add-ons, but everything that's included is pretty much the same as Warby Parker.

Here's what's included:

  • The frames
  • HD Trivex or 1.67 Rx lenses
  • Anti-reflective coating
  • Anti-scratch coating
  • Free-form progressives ($80 additional)
  • 1.74 material ($50 additional)
  • Transitions ($50 additional)

I loved the individual feedback cards that came with each pair! I chose to save the ones I loved for later because I need to save up for a pair first. I was also able to address the fit and leave additional comments about color and style, so if I were to try more frames in a new try-on kit my stylist could understand a bit more about what I prefer.

David Kind actually wins with me right now because of the overall experience and customer service! The quality and style of the glasses were also a plus. The only downside are the add-ons which could make the glasses a little less affordable, but I don't really think I need any of those. My first impression of David Kind was that they had a more upscale approach to their business -- it almost reminded me of Nordstrom or Trunk Club (which is owned by Nordstrom). This is a service for the customer who values a unique experience, superb customer service, and high quality. I'd definitely recommend trying out David Kind if you're looking for glasses!

Have you tried David Kind or want to try them out? Let me know what you thought!

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Jaleesa Howard