Stitch Fix Unboxing | January/February 2015


It's been a little while since I reviewed an apparel subscription box company, but I figured I'd go ahead and give Stitch Fix a try! My box arrived on Wednesday morning soon after I posted my OOTD for the week and I immediately opened it to see what everything looked like! 

The Stitch Fix notes are so much longer and more personal than those from most companies, so I really like that! With the stylist note are style cards for each of the pieces you receive -- these show two different ways to wear one piece and are super helpful! I also received an "invoice" with all of the information for each piece including pricing.

Stitch Fix is $20/month but, if you buy one or more items, the styling fee is used toward your purchase! And if you buy all 5 items, you get a 25% discount so there are definitely incentives with this service.

**As a Stitch Fix stylist, I have the opportunity to style my own Fixes, so you can see that my items were handpicked by myself and I wrote my own stylist note.**

**As a Stitch Fix stylist, I have the opportunity to style my own Fixes, so you can see that my items were handpicked by myself and I wrote my own stylist note.**

The accessories were two of my favorite pieces in the box and I think I'm going to keep one of them -- or maybe both! The only reason why I might not keep the super cute clutch is because I very rarely change my handbags. Last year, I carried the same Danielle Nicole handbag with every outfit. This year, I'm carrying my new one. Plus, small clutches can't carry my camera and laptop! But it would be really cute for a blogger event or a girls' night.

I listed the names of each piece below so you can ask your stylist (or me) for these in your first or next Fix!

I love this one because it's a fabulous spring piece! It's also easy to dress up or down -- you can wear it with jeans to run errands, or add a chunky jeweled statement necklace and some super chic heels! The front fits like a regular sweatshirt and the back hangs like a flow-y chiffon top. This is really a great mixed media piece if you're going to buy one for spring! I'm actually debating on this one.

Unfortunately, this last blouse wasn't what I expected it to be for two reasons. One: it was very loose on me -- typically I'm a medium, but I think a size down would have fit better. Two: the blouse was supposed to be tacked at the bust (which I could alter myself) and the threading seemed to have unraveled at some point. I mostly won't be keeping it because I'd need a size down -- maybe I lost a bit of weight? *does happy dance*

I saved the best for last on purpose. THESE DL1961 ankle skinny jeans are the holy grail. I've been searching for a pair of perfect jeans for a long time now because although I'm small, I still have curves. I tried on a pair of DL jeans at Nordstrom Rack last month, but the inseam was too short for me. I was, however, obsessed with the soft, stretchy fabric and how the jeans fit comfortably like a glove -- no open space in the waist whatsoever! When I tried this pair on, I knew they were a must-have. I could buy these and throw out half of my jean collection and feel perfectly unbothered. THAT is how much I love them!

Overall, so far...I really like the Stitch Fix service and I like getting things in the mail other than bills, so this is a nice thing to look forward to! You can schedule Fixes to come more frequently or whenever you're ready for one if you want to, but I'll probably schedule only one per month unless I have a special occasion. Next month, I'll do a video and a blog post so you can see the pieces in "real life"...but you'll definitely see how I style the pieces I decide to keep soon!

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Disclaimer: I am a Stitch Fix employee; however, all opinions are my own and this review is not sponsored by the company. This blog post does contain referral links.

Jaleesa Howard