Sunday Sailing | Snorkel Picnic on the Nā Pali Coast with Captain Andy

Sunday was my last day on Kauai and a breeze -- literally. I woke up early to go on a snorkel picnic to the Na Pali Coast with Captain Andy's Sailing Adventures. At first, I was a little hesitant because I don't swim, but you don't have to snorkel. In fact, there's much more to the tour than just snorkeling! 

There's plenty of commentary from the guides and the views are to die for. I can't think of a better way I could have spent my Sunday morning on this vacation. I kicked my feet up while inhaling the fresh air, read my magazines, and took tons of photos.

Get a glimpse of my last excursion on Kauai:

On the way back to the shore, I listened to music and even took a nap. I'm happy that I got to do something new and I had time to take in the natural beauty of the island. The best part was that I had very little to no cellular service at all...and it was fantastic. In a world so obsessed and connected to our devices, it's nice to be able to disconnect sometimes. No emails, no phone calls, no social media updates, and I loved every moment of it on Akialoa.

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