Sunday Sailing | Snorkel Picnic on the Nā Pali Coast with Captain Andy

Sunday was my last day on Kauai and a breeze -- literally. I woke up early to go on a snorkel picnic to the Na Pali Coast with Captain Andy's Sailing Adventures. At first, I was a little hesitant because I don't swim, but you don't have to snorkel. In fact, there's much more to the tour than just snorkeling! 

There's plenty of commentary from the guides and the views are to die for. I can't think of a better way I could have spent my Sunday morning on this vacation. I kicked my feet up while inhaling the fresh air, read my magazines, and took tons of photos.

Get a glimpse of my last excursion on Kauai:

On the way back to the shore, I listened to music and even took a nap. I'm happy that I got to do something new and I had time to take in the natural beauty of the island. The best part was that I had very little to no cellular service at all...and it was fantastic. In a world so obsessed and connected to our devices, it's nice to be able to disconnect sometimes. No emails, no phone calls, no social media updates, and I loved every moment of it on Akialoa.

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Style of the Island | 5th Annual Kauai Fashion Weekend

Prior to the show with Sue Kanoho, Executive Director of the Kauai Visitors Bureau

Prior to the show with Sue Kanoho, Executive Director of the Kauai Visitors Bureau

In fashion, I am so mesmerized by texture. Embroidery, beading, sequins, jacquard, three-dimensional construction...all of it. I attended the 5th Annual Kauai Fashion Weekend last month at the breathtaking Kauai Marriott Resort and was in complete awe at the immense talent living on the island and beyond. Collections from Puka Surf, Definitely Baba, Chanterelle Couture, Wahine Toa Designs, Edgar Madamba Designs and Ahmad Couture glided down the runway on models of all shapes and sizes. Prior to the show, there were plenty of red carpet photo opportunities and shopping with local vendors. For VIP ticketholders, a three-course dinner was served before the lights dimmed for the main event.

Kaua’i Fashion Weekend will inspire others to create and share their design with our Kaua’i community and the world.
— Sue Kanoho, Exective Director of Kaua'i Visitors Bureau
VIP Dinner at Kauai Fashion Weekend

VIP Dinner at Kauai Fashion Weekend

Kauai Fashion Weekend was founded by Marynel Valenzuela and co-founded by Sha Ali Ahmad of Ahmad Couture, whom I had the pleasure of meeting following the big runway show before my flight back to Dallas. 

Perhaps it's the former pageant girl in me, but I know a gorgeous, well-designed piece when I see one and I have a deep appreciation for the hours of dedication that go into handcrafting them. See some of the designs I captured from Kauai Fashion Weekend:

Kauai Fashion Weekend was indeed an inspiration. Usually when traveling, I like to bring home fashion magazines as a souvenir or a piece of clothing (or jewelry) other than a t-shirt, but this time I brought back so much more! I brought home memories from an incredible fashion and cultural experience that I will always remember.

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5-Night Summer Stay at Aqua Kauai Beach Resort

On the island of Kauai, there are several hotels, resorts, and rental properties of all sorts for travelers to book for accommodations. Whether you're planning on staying on the North, South, or Central shores, there is a place for every type of traveler.

For my trip, I stayed at the Aqua Kauai Beach Resort which was just a short distance away from the Lihue Airport. Before getting my rental car situation figured out, I was conveniently picked up from the airport and shuttled to the resort upon arrival. I was greeted by towering palm trees as we pulled into the circular driveway and the friendly staff of Kauai Beach Resort. Check-in was a breeze and I was off to my home (room) for the next five nights!

Honestly, I didn't spend a ton of time at the resort during my stay, so I only explored the property a little bit and when I wasn't out enjoying all that the island had to offer, I was asleep. I did stop by the pool before getting ready for Kauai Fashion Weekend on Saturday for a burger, fries and Mai Tai at the resort's Driftwood Bar & Grille.

I would definitely recommend Aqua Kauai Beach Resort for younger travelers who are looking for something affordable and the full resort package of amenities and services. Also, groups of friends and/or families are perfect for this property as well. There's something appealing for everyone here!

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Bird's Eye View of Kauai | Safari Helicopters Deluxe Waterfall Tour

One of the top recommended excursions and activities for visitors of Kauai is a helicopter tour. As I mentioned in my Weekend Itinerary blog post, 80% of the island cannot be accessed by a vehicle, so a helicopter tour is one of the best opportunities to truly see everything. I popped a Dramamine (as advised) to help with any motion sickness and was ready to scratch this off of my bucket list! I didn't want anything ruining the moment.

After checking-in at Safari's office and going through a brief safety orientation, my group for the tour hopped into a van to be whisked away to the airport where the helicopter pads were located. Soon enough, myself and a family of 4 were filing into the helicopter to be greeted by our guide, Bruno. Shortly after, we were lifted far above the airport and our hour-long journey began.

These are some of the photos I captured from the tour. And yes, the island is even more beautiful in real life!

At the end of our tour, we exited the helicopter so the next group could board, took quick individual photos and headed back to the Safari Helicopters office where we were able to grab our bags and other personal belongings from supervised lockers. There's even an opportunity to purchase a USB of your entire tour with the guide's full commentary. The other passengers in my group didn't purchase theirs, but I would have been awfully upset if I left Kauai without that memory despite the fact that I captured several vivid photos.

Me next to the helicopter after our tour with my camera. I got so many amazing photos!

Me next to the helicopter after our tour with my camera. I got so many amazing photos!

Here are some things to remember for a helicopter tour:

  • Take a motion sickness pill at least an hour prior to your excursions with a lot of heavy movement. Typically, the companies will extend this tip, but it's alway good to know!
  • Bring a camera to capture photos to show off and HAVE FUN! How often are you in the sky hovering several hundred feet over landmasses and oceans as beautiful as the ones on your trip? 
  • Wear dark clothing to avoid reflection on your photos. If you're a passenger who may not necessarily be interested in stellar, professional photos, you should definitely be considerate of others on your tour.
  • Listen to your guides and practice safety! While a helicopter tour is TONS of fun, there are things to be mindful of in terms of safety. Stay away from the blades on the helicopter, don't block your guide/pilot's view during the tour to take a selfie, etc.

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