The Beauty of Probiotics | Daily Routines with Tropicana Probiotics

I partnered with my friends at Megan Media and Tropicana for this sponsored post. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own.

No matter how hectic my schedule gets, I make a point to drink a fruit juice or blend every single day. In my journey for better wellness, this has become a huge part of my routine over the last 4 years. Some days it's as simple as a glass of OJ, while other days I may reach for something more tropical like pineapple or mango. My body receives the vitamins, nutrients, and cultures (yes, I mean bacteria) that I need to stay healthy, plus the boost of energy I need to get through the busy days minus the sugar crash of energy drinks. Lately, I've been incorporating Tropicana Probiotics into my daily routine and I love them! #BelieveInYourGut

The Beauty of Probiotics

You may be familiar with the concept of antibiotics -- you take them when you're sick to get rid of bad bacteria, but good bacteria exists, too. Much like the oils in your skin, the body is already full of good and bad bacteria, so what you get rid of should be replaced with beneficial bacteria. Probiotics stimulate the growth of helpful bacteria in the body and can actually help your digestive system function more effectively. Your gut isn't just what leads you in the right direction; it's the key to you overall health and wellness.

Tropicana Probiotics are available in three delicious flavors:  Strawberry Banana ,  Pineapple Mango  and  Peach Passion Fruit

Tropicana Probiotics are available in three delicious flavors: Strawberry Banana, Pineapple Mango and Peach Passion Fruit


Usually when you go to the grocery store to find probiotic drinks you have to look in a special section, but Tropicana has brought probiotics to the mainstream juice aisle for the first time alongside their other juices! You don't need to shop at any specialty stores to find them, so it's definitely more accessible and convenient to grab during your regular grocery trips.

Tropicana Probiotics combines some of my absolute favorite and nutritious ingredients to make adding probiotics to my daily routine easy and delightful. Here are some of my favorite ways to work these delicious probiotics drinks into my routine:

Morning Freshening Routine

When I wake up in the morning, one of the first things I do is fix a bite of breakfast and pour a glass of juice before freshening up with my full skincare routine. I prefer Strawberry Banana in the morning, but all three flavors deliver more than one billion live and active cultures, plus an entire day's worth of vitamin C! That's the proper way to start a positive day. 

On-the-Go Energy Routine

Mango has been apart of my on-the-go routine since my early college days! I found that mango juice really helped boost my energy so I could remain productive throughout the day. Pineapple Mango is my flavor of choice for a busy day bloggingand running errands. I buy the multi-serve sizes, but they even come in single-serve sizes -- which means you can achieve your best self whether you're at home or on-the-go!

Passion Fuel Routine

As a full-time blogger and content creator, I get to use my creativity daily through writing, photography, and videography. I absolutely love that I'm able to wake up everyday and do what I'm passionate about from dusk to dawn. But sometimes, life can happen -- whether I'm sick, dealing with stress and anxiety, or just having a serious creative block -- I have to be prepared for life's mental and physical obstacles no matter how big or small. Tropicana Peach Passion Fruit is like the liquid fuel I need to stay driven. It's a 100% juice blend of peach and passion fruit (plus a few more) with probiotics and no sugar or artificial flavors. Peaches are said to help relieve stress and reduce anxiety while passion fruit keeps the skin glowing, reduces sleeplessness, and improves circulation to boost productivity and efficiency. I keep the creative juices flowing and fuel my passion with Peach Passion Fruit!


I partnered with my friends at Megan Media and Tropicana for this sponsored post. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own.